Yuba City Pest Control

Keep your home pest-free with Sorenson Pest Control. We offer a number of pest control services, from eradicating fleas and ticks to preventing ants and rodents from invading your home. Whether you have a bee and wasp problem or a roach and mice concern, Sorenson Pest Control acts quickly and eliminates the threat and infestation.


Ants, spiders and rodents threaten your home and family in several ways. For one, ants sneak through cracks in the foundation and walls and get into your pantry and cabinets. They leave behind a pheromone trail that signals thousands of ants to come and invade the area. Once they find a food source, it takes a professional to stop and prevent these tiny insects from continuing their onslaught.


Spiders silently invade your home and lurk within the dark recesses and corners of your walls. Before you know it, these invasive pests have bred and introduced hundreds of babies that go onto occupying your space. If you have an allergy to spider bites, these pests can pose an even bigger problem.


Rodents do more than just invade your home in search of food and shelter; they also spread diseases and contaminate your living space. They breed quickly and live within the walls, in the attic and down in the basement. Rodents eat through cables, raid pantries and leave behind feces wherever they go. Without pest control, they take over a household in a matter of weeks.

Get Rid of Troublesome Pests

Need help eliminating pests from your home? Contact Sorenson Pest Control for a free quote. We work quickly to identify the problem and take back your home from the outdoor invaders.