Chico Rodent Control

We know well the damage caused by rodents. Sorenson’s main goals, held since our establishment, remain eradicating rats and mice from people’s living spaces and preventing the damage they cause.

If you suspect a rodent infestation, confirm your suspicions with the following signs: tiny droppings, nibble or gnaw marks on boxes, nests of soft, fuzzy materials, holes in food containers and loud squeaks – rodents are noisy creatures. After confirming a rodent problem, take immediate action to prevent an epidemic of rodent damage.

Dangers of Rodents in Chico

Property and Possession Damage: Rodents destroy property in myriad ways. Digging tunnels in insulation and chewing through heating ducts, wiring and plumbing fixtures decreases a home’s efficiency. Storage boxes and the items contained within are also subject to damage from chewing and nesting.

Electrical Fires: Inspectors hold rodents responsible for an estimated 20 percent of undetermined house fires. Rodents do not play with matches, but they do initiate electrical fires by chewing homes’ and large appliances’ wiring systems. This constitutes a real threat to all dwellings.

Food Contamination: Rodents are not fastidious: They do go to the bathroom where they eat. When they make their way into your food supply, they will contaminate the food with urine and droppings.

Spread of Disease and Parasites: Rodents and the fleas they carry infect pets and humans with disease, including Hantavirus, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis, the plague and rat-bite fever. This comprises only a short list of directly transmitted diseases; diseases from indirect transmission are hardly less serious.

Call the Professionals at Sorenson

If you suspect a rodent problem in your Chico home, call us for immediate action. We will give you a free quote and explain our expert Sorenson rodent control procedures.