Pest Control in Richvale

Are you harboring pests in your Richvale home? Whether you suspect an infestation or you’ve caught sight of these unwelcome guests, Sorenson Pest Control is a first choice solution for getting these creatures off your property for good. Pests don’t belong in your home. Even if they did pay rent, the problems and diseases they carry with them aren’t worth risking your or your property’s well-being. Our services have been removing California’s most pesky home invaders from homes and businesses since 1982, and every single job has been backed by our ultimate goal of delivering high customer satisfaction. We pair the highest quality products and techniques with state licensed technicians who are expertly trained in handling:

  • Flea infestations
  • Rodent removal
  • Bee and wasp treatment
  • Ant control
  • Roach and earwig infestations
  • Spiders

When you call on us to handle your pest control needs, you can expect an IPM approach that prioritizes your health and the environment when treating your property. Rest assured that while our extermination methods effectively eliminate pests, your family and your pets will be safe to continue enjoying their yard and home—pest free!

Why Call Sorenson Pest Control?

  • we relieve you of treatment guesswork and get the job done right.
  • Our products are designed to kill pests in all stages of their life cycle.
  • We use pest control alternatives that are non-toxic to kids and pets.
  • A solution is guaranteed!

Flea Control

People are pretty split when it comes to shrieking at the sight of a rat or mouse scurrying across the floor. Whether you are won over or repulsed by these furry creatures, we can all agree that you, as a homeowner, have no tolerance for the damage and diseases rodents can inflict on living spaces.

The Importance of Rodent Removal

  • Rodents cause danage by making tunnels and chewing through your home's structure
  • They contaminate food in your cupboards or pantry
  • They can cause electrical fires by chewing on wires connected to large appliances
  • Rodents carry diseases and parasites that could easily infect residents.

If you’re in need of rodent removal, call us and we’ll send a Sorenson rodent exterminator to your property to provide a free inspection and quote. Our goal is to eradicate rats and mice from your living space so you and your family can get back to a rodent-free home as quickly as possible.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. It’s an eco-friendly approach that aims for long-term pest control. IPM severely limits the use of pesticides in favor of proper pest identification, and only using the techniques and tools best suited for a specific problem. This approach keeps companies from partaking in reckless pest control measures such as coating an entire green space with a harmful, all-in-one poison. For decades, we’ve prioritized our environmental responsibility to provide effective treatments that are also eco-friendly. It only makes sense that our approach to pest management aligns with IPM. Our expertise and effective products give us the tools to treat pest infestations without harming the environment by:

  • Properly identifying the pest at hand
  • Managing surroundings to prevent infestations
  • Assessing treatment results and taking further action only when needed
  • Offering prevention services to keep pests in check

Do you want to know your options for eco-friendly and long-term pest control solutions? Call us today!