Paradise, CA Pest Control

If you're like the majority of residents of the California community of Paradise, you're busy putting your home and life back together after last summer's devastating wildfire activity. Keep in mind that rodent populations were also significantly disturbed by the fires, which means mice, rats, moles, squirrels, and other small animals have all had to seek out fresh habitat. Many of these creatures live in the woods and naturally gravitate toward human dwellings in their search for food and shelter when their natural environment sustains serious damage.

Because natural habitat hasn't yet been reestablished in the woods surrounding Paradise, homes and commercial buildings may be experiencing higher-than-average rodent activity this year. Fortunately, we're standing by at Sorenson Pest Control to help you with all your rodent and insect pest needs.

Residential Pest Control

Insect and rodent pests have the potential to wreak havoc on residential properties in Paradise. Lots of new construction is happening around town just now as residents rebuild from last year's fire, and many people mistakenly believe that new construction doesn't have the pest problems that established buildings often have. However, the process of clearing, leveling, and otherwise getting the ground ready for new construction involves disturbing existing ant hills. This will cause the insects to seek other shelter, and they'll instinctively head for the nearest food source — which just might be your kitchen.

Other insects such as cockroaches, common houseflies, and earwigs also cause issues for homeowners in Paradise.

Commercial Pest Control

Homeowners aren't the only ones in Paradise currently involved in the nearly community-wide effort to rebuild the town. Commercial property owners are also at risk of facing even more damage to their buildings due to insect and rodent activity. Restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses that store and sell food are particularly vulnerable to rodent infestations, particularly if the buildings have not yet been completely restored.

Examples of the pests we treat include the following:

We've been meeting the pest control needs of Paradise home and business owners since 1982, and we're not going anywhere in spite of last year's fire. We're committed to helping both residential and business customers rebuild the community of Paradise to make if even stronger than before. Our integrated approach to pest management ensures a customized solution to your particular pest problems. Please don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience for a free quote as well as more information on how we can help keep pest populations as low as possible while you work on rebuilding your home or business.