Palermo, CA Pest Control

Palermo is a town that was named after a city in Sicily because it has a similar Mediterranean climate that is perfect for growing olives. It was established in the year 1888, and it has a long history of railroad activities, gold mining and population migration. People come here to live and work because of the pleasant, warm temperatures that are famous in this part of California. However, many pests will also appear for the same reasons. These small critters may infiltrate homes and businesses seeking food, water and a place to build a nest. This can become a problem if the pests are not detected soon because infestations can spread rapidly.

Residential Pest Control

Living in this part of California has many benefits, but the presence of pests can throw a wrench in your plans for recreating and enjoying life. Small insects can enter the building through crevices in the window panes, or they can get in through the basement areas where there are openings. Once you have a small infestation, you will always run the risk that it can grow when the pests breed. In addition, their carcasses can quickly attract larger pests like rodents. These disease-carrying critters will feed on the smaller pests, and they can cause health problems for family members if they are exposed to contaminated surfaces. Our services are designed to quickly locate these pests and eliminate them at the root level.

Commercial Pest Control

Palermo businesses may also face the prospect of a pest infestation during the months when pests search for shelter and water supplies. They can enter your business without being seen, and this makes it a dangerous situation if you’re running a restaurant, hotel or other service facility that deals with food supplies. Pests can contaminate your product and spread germs to employees, guests and visitors. This reflects poorly on the management, so it is imperative to remain proactive all year long.

Let our pest control professionals find and remove any pests from your facility or residential property:

Sorenson Pest Control

Palermo businesses and homeowners can benefit from quality pest control services all year long. Customer satisfaction is a core value, and we depend on testimonials for our success. We strive to maintain the highest standards in this industry, and this includes every aspect of our operations. The service professional employed at our company are fully trained and experienced. They use the best products and techniques known to resolve the problem at the source. We work with your facility manager to ensure total discretion. Hotels, restaurants, schools, government offices and churches can all benefit from a periodic pest inspection and removal plan. Contact Sorenson today to set up an appointment or to get a free service quote.