Marysville, CA Pest Control

Marysville gets about 22 inches of rain each year, and the temperatures are mostly mild. This creates a pleasant living environment for people and pests alike. The pests especially thrive in residential areas because of the plentiful water, vegetation and food. Some pests such as bedbugs and mosquitoes feed on the humans themselves. Without intervention, pest populations can grow out of control in such an ideal climate.


Fleas are resilient pests because of their four life cycles. Most commercial flea treatments only target pests in one or two of their life stages. The larvae are especially resilient. As adults, fleas are also hard to smash with their hard bodies. These pests jump far and fast, which adds to their resiliency. Fleas usually feed on the blood of pets. However, they will bite humans as well. Bites cause pets to itch, and some pets have severe allergic reactions to flea bites. The pests thrive in carpeted homes, grass and furniture. If you have fleas, only a professional can remove them in all four of their life stages.


Asian, German, American and Australian cockroaches are commonly seen in the area. Asian cockroaches are large, shiny and black. You may see them on the ground feeding on rotting vegetation or wood. If you have a leak behind the walls in your home, these pests may be the first indicator of it. German and American cockroaches look similar. Both are a brown or tan color. They are usually found in bathrooms or kitchens feeding on anything from food that is left out to bacterial residue in the sink. Australian cockroaches are reddish-brown with yellow on their heads or bodies. They also feed on food and bacteria. The main risk with roaches is contamination. As they eat food, they also regurgitate bacteria and defecate on it. Roaches spread and multiply fast, and they can squeeze through tiny crevices under your doors or windows.


Rats and mice are the main types of rodents found in Marysville. They can squeeze through unusually small openings under doors, along windows and around pipe gaps. They often hide in closets, behind the walls, in basements or in attics. Rat urine is known to carry listeria, and some deer mice carry hantavirus in their droppings. Both pests urinate and defecate on the floor and even on furniture. They chew food containers, furniture and plants. Many people try to poison them. However, you should never do this. These pests usually take the poison to their colony and share it. If they hide behind your walls and die, you will have to pay thousands to have the walls torn out and the smelly rotting carcasses removed. Outdoor rodents such as possums and raccoons may carry rabies and can be aggressive. Always call a professional for any rodent problem.

At Sorenson Pest Control Inc., we handle these pests and many others. Our professionals know how to quickly and effectively remove any size and type of pest infestation. Also, we offer regular preventative treatments to help you keep pests away. This is an especially important service if you own a business. We make quality service and customer satisfaction our top priorities. Please call us today for more information or for a free quote on our services.