Marysville, CA Pest Control

The businesses and residents of Marysville get to enjoy the distinctive Mediterranean climate that features hot and dry summers. It also has a wet season, which starts in October, and the most rain will fall in January. This is a great area for people who enjoy moderate annual temperatures throughout the winter months, and this makes it a good choice for retirees. However, these varying weather patterns can also bring many pests into the region. Once they are able to infiltrate a few homes or offices, the pest infestation can quickly spread to neighboring buildings. This poses health risks for community members, and it also causes problems for businesses.

Residential Pest Control

Taking care of your family in Marysville can be difficult if you feel overwhelmed by a pest infestation. These small critters will often appear during the hot, dry summer months. They seek shelter from the heat in the same way other animals do, and they will also be looking for a stable source of water. If they are able to crawl through the bathroom pipes, they can set up a nest virtually undetected. After a period of time, they might die and become a food source for larger pests. The cycle will continue like this until there is effective intervention, and this is precisely the service we provide. Contact our pest control experts anytime, and we will inspect your home to determine if an infestation exists.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial facilities in Marysville are also at risk of pest infestations whenever the temperatures soar. Many insects must hide from the heat to avoid death, so they will risk infiltrating businesses where there is a lot of human activity. They will seek the darkest areas, which are often away from the danger of detection. This means they can remain hidden from your view for extended periods of time. Our service professionals are proficient at inspecting and eliminating pests from your business property.

We provide effective pest control for homeowners and businesses in Marysville:

Sorenson Pest Control

Our company has been providing relief from pest infestations for the residents and business owners in this area for many years. We strive to be the trusted name that you can turn to whenever you suspect an infestation. Our service providers are knowledgeable and discreet, so you don’t have to worry about the news getting around town. We understand how to quickly evaluate each situation and come up with an appropriate, effective service plan. Consider the benefits of a year-long maintenance plan once the initial pest infestation is resolved. We understand how to secure your perimeter and prevent future infestations from occurring. For additional details, or to get a reliable service quote, contact our offices today.