Integrated Pest Management

At Sorenson Pest, we believe in taking an Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control. Often associated with farmers and agricultural enthusiasts, the IPM approach is the right one for indoor and residential pest control as well. Marrying effectiveness with an environmentally responsible approach, IPM describes our overall philosophy towards identification, prevention, and control.

Know when to call the Professionals at Sorenson

It’s important to know when pest control is necessary. At Sorenson Pest, we recognize the role insects play in the environment. Ladybugs in the backyard may not call for a full cycle of pesticides, whereas a single rat in the home may require an inspection at the very least.

Pest Identification in Marysville

A garden spider or two is probably not enough to require the use of a pest control company. A nest of black widows, on the other hand, should be handled as soon as possible. Our educated pest identification specialists will be able to recommend a course of action.

Preventing a Problem

It’s much easier to prevent an infestation than to eliminate a problem once it has started. With our prevention techniques, we can ensure that your home doesn’t fall victim to the insects, rodents, and other pests that can wreak havoc on your property.

Professional Pest Control

Once a problem has developed, action must be taken. At Sorenson Pest, we will identify the pest and use only those techniques and tools best suited for the job. At the end of the day, this is the backbone of our pest control philosophy. Not only is it the environmentally responsible approach, it is the most effective. Whether you currently have a pest problem or want to prevent one from occurring, call us today for a free quote. We have been serving the Yuba, Glenn, Sutter, Butte, Colusa, and surrounding areas since 1982!