Gridley, CA Pest Control

Many people in Gridley, California experience problems with pests in their homes or businesses sometimes. The warm-summer Mediterranean climate of the town encourages the proliferation of a variety of pests, but controlling them is possible. Proper pest control involves both prevention and extermination, and if people do not do both, then they risk repeated reinfestations. Some people make the mistake of trying to treat and control pests without professional help. When the treatments that they buy don't work, the pests can become more entrenched as they multiply. Sorenson Pest Control Inc. can help to prevent infestations of many different pests and exterminate them when they are found.


Infestations of ants can happen both inside of homes or businesses and outdoors. There are three primary types of ants that pose problems to people in Gridley, including fire ants, thief ants and pavement ants. Fire ants may sting people, causing painful welts. Thief ants are attracted to grease and are commonly found in kitchen areas and in restaurants. Pavement ants are an aggressive species that may be found outside in the cracks of walkways and sidewalks. The professional technicians at Sorenson Pest Control Inc. can help to determine what treatments are necessary for their customers, exterminate existing nests and help with preventative pest control services.


While all spiders may repulse people, the two venomous species that exist in California should prompt pest control treatment. Brown recluses and western black widows are both common in the state, and they are both poisonous. Black widow spiders have red marks on their backs, and the toxins in their venom may cause severe medical problems, including dizziness, fatigue, stomach cramps and muscle pain. In some cases, black widow bites can lead to coma or death. When a brown recluse bites a person, the tissue around the bite may die, leaving ugly scars behind. If people see either of these spiders around their homes or businesses, they should call for professional pest control services immediately.


Rodents, including mice, rats and squirrels, can cause many problems. They may carry diseases, may bite people and may cause property damage. People normally know when they have rodent infestations because they are noisy. Other signs include droppings, chewed up materials, holes in food packages and squeaking sounds. It is important to get rid of rodents in homes and businesses for several reasons. They may cause fires by chewing threw electrical wiring. They also may contaminate food, chew through plumbing fixtures and insulation and spread numerous diseases. Sorenson Pest Control Inc. takes rodent problems seriously and works to help its customers rid their homes and businesses of these pests while also helping to prevent them from returning.

Sorenson Pest Control Inc. can help with many other pest problems for your home or business. For help with all of your pest control issues, contact Sorenson Pest Control Inc. today.