Yuba City Earwig Control

Infestations of earwigs can be disturbing. When earwig sightings in the home are frequent, contacting a professional pest control company to get rid of an earwig problem is a must.

What is an Earwig?

Earwigs are small, long pests that typically stay outdoors in wooded areas or debris. However, it is possible for earwigs to infest a home if living conditions are ideal for the pest. Many homeowners who experience earwig infestations find these insects in basements because of their preference for dark crevices. While all earwigs have short wings, most do not fly.

Signs of Earwigs in Yuba City

Since earwigs usually spend their time outdoors, detecting earwigs in a home can be a sign of a serious infestation even if only a few of these pests are actually seen. If earwigs are spotted inside a home, finding out if there is an infestation can often be done by examining areas of the home that encourage the pests to live and thrive inside. Dirt basements or drainage holes that are dug into the ground may encourage earwigs to enter a building. Earwigs need a food source and will eat both plants and animal matter. If there is vegetation or an abundance of other insects inside a home, earwigs may find that the conditions are ideal. These pests can cause pain by pinching humans, but they are not poisonous or harmful to human health. Earwigs may damage house plants or vegetation directly surrounding a home.

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When earwigs cause damage to vegetation and make the occupants of a home squeamish, homeowners can call us for help. At Sorenson Pest Control, we have over 30 years of experience in dealing with Yuba City earwig infestations. Contact us today for a free quote!