Pest Control in Durham, CA

Residents and businesses in Durham benefit from a pleasant year-long weather pattern that is described as a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. This area has a long history of railroad activity, and the same rails that were built during the early settler history are still active today. This historical atmosphere is an attraction for people who enjoy living among the remnants of historical structures like the local Durham Flour Mill, which burned down more than once. However, this area is also attractive to various pests that may infest the homes and offices of Durham when temperatures become fatal. Our pest control company offers relief from the health hazards posed by pest infestations in Durham, CA.

Residential Pest Control

Homeowners in this area need to be aware of the potential health risks posed by an infestation. Small insects may seem harmless enough at first, but this is deceptive. They often become a food supply for larger pests like rodents, which can transmit diseases. Anyone in the home with a compromised immune system might suffer from exposure to contaminated surfaces, for example. The most vulnerable are the very young and the very old. Our services allow you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that there are no pests hiding in the attic spaces, basement areas or other dark crevices of your property. We can efficiently conduct an entire home inspection to find and root out any infestations before they get out of control.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses are likely to face additional scrutiny if a pest infestation is revealed. These pests are sneaky, and they can enter the property undetected in many cases. Once inside your commercial property, they will seek out dark and damp places to build their nests. It can become a serious problem if their presence remains undisturbed for long. Small pest infestations can quickly become a major business threat because of the health and safety regulations that affect commercial facilities like warehouses, offices, stores and public buildings.

Our pest control experts have experience detecting and removing the most common pests in this area:

Sorenson Pest Control

Our experienced pest control experts know how to apply the most effective methods to address any type of infestation in your home or business property. Each plan is customized for relevance, and we always encourage clients to maintain these benefits with a maintenance plan. Staying free of pests all year is no longer an ambitious goal; it’s the standard of quality that you can now expect. We are always happy to answer questions you might have about our products, techniques or methods. When it comes to excellence in pest control, there is no one else to call besides Sorenson Pest Control. We offer free service quotes, so contact us today.