Chico, CA Pest Control

The cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers in Chico are ideal conditions for home-invading pests. They can easily survive year-round. When rain is rare from June to September, they go on the prowl to find water sources. Your house could be their next stop. Take a look at some of the most common critters in our area.

Argentine Ants, Carpenter Ants and Fire Ants

Argentine ants are highly organized, so infestation is usually a successful group effort. They nest in moist places near sinks, plumbing or houseplants. They follow routine trails and travel up to 200 feet to get to the food. They’re especially fond of sweets. Carpenter ants will eat just about anything. Fruit, eggs, meat and dead insects are special favorites.

This species can do significant damage to wood structures. Unlike termites, they don’t ingest wood for the cellulose it contains. They just knock it out of their way in order to carve out elaborate tunnel systems inside the walls. If you see a sawdust-like substance, call the experts right away.

Dreaded California fire ants are highly aggressive. They’re known to attack humans and pets without any provocation at all, and they’ve got a mean bite. Bites are especially dangerous to people with heightened sensitivity to toxins.

Fire ants seem drawn to electricity and are known to nest in breaker panels, air-conditioning units, and even traffic lights. Their habit of chewing through wire insulation often results in short circuits. They prefer to feed on dead animals or insects.


These wingless critters feed on blood, and they can jump incredible distances to latch on to human or animal hosts. They infest damp, shady areas near doghouses or animal pens and hitch rides inside. Make sure that your pets are regularly treated for fleas. If you don’t keep pets but are bothered by fleas, you may have an undetected rodent problem.

If you find an infestation in your yard, do everything that you can to disturb the habitat. Get rid of organic debris and pet toys. Mow the grass, and bag the clippings. Inside the house, vacuum the carpet and upholstery, and replace infested pet beds.


If you spot just one or two of these pesky bugs, you’ve most likely got a problem. Cockroaches are good at hiding, and they notify the whole family when they find a nice place to breed and eat.

The American cockroach, also called a palmetto bug, is more common in grocery stores, restaurants, and food-processing plants than in residences. It’s probably the German cockroach that’s giving you fits at home or at the office. German cockroaches favor warm, humid hiding places in kitchens and bathrooms. Anywhere that’s close to food and water is prime real estate.

Cockroaches breed prolifically. They’ll eat anything from overlooked crumbs on your kitchen counter to soap, toothpaste and book bindings. Signs of trouble include droppings that look like black pepper and an unpleasant musty odor. Cockroaches are known to carry disease-causing germs and allergens that trigger asthma.

Call the Professionals

Don’t attempt to fight an infestation on your own. Identifying species of pests and pinpointing their breeding sites requires extensive training and experience.

Since 1982, Sorenson Pest Control Inc. has been an industry leader known for effective solutions and unparalleled service. We keep current on the safest, most advanced techniques for eliminating all kinds of unwanted pests and preventing their return. Protect your investment in Chico, and keep your family and pets healthy. Call Sorenson Pest Control today.