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Effective Methods for Keeping Ants Out of the Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the central hub for nourishing your family and entertaining your guests. The last thing you want is the presence of pests, such as a trail of ants roaming around your floors or countertops.

How do you stop ants from invading your home?  Try these five effective methods for keeping your kitchen ant-free:

Sweep and Mop Floors Regularly

Ants are experts at finding crumbs and food residue, so they must be regularly stopped at their own game. Make it a habit to sweep at least twice a day, even if the floors appear to be clean.

Ants also have a sneaky method of leaving behind pheromone trails to map out paths for finding foods. Mop with a white vinegar solution and an antibacterial cleaner to remove their tracks and confuse their plans.

Use the Scent of Citrus

Fortunately, the smell of citrus is pleasant to humans but repulsive to ants. Try squeezing lemons or oranges and placing their peels where ants enter. Mix lemon juice with white vinegar for a clean, enjoyable smell in your kitchen.

As an extra deterrent, make a paste by grinding orange peels with warm water and applying it to the main entrance points during an active season. This natural method will drive the ants away.

Season the Room with Salt and Pepper

Ants love sugar but hate both salt and pepper. Sprinkle pepper where they may enter the room. Ordinary table salt also keeps them away. Try boiling water with a large amount of salt in it, then using a spray bottle to spray entranceways, floors and countertops.

Salt and pepper are not toxic for ants, but these spices’ scent and taste will keep them from returning.

Keep Containers Tightly Sealed

Ants look for both sugar and protein-based foods. They are experts at sensing and finding any open packages containing their favorite treats and will seem to appear out of nowhere. 

Stop ants in their tracks by keeping all foods in airtight containers, especially staples such as sugar and flour and foods such as cookies and cereals.

Take the Garbage Out Daily

The residue in garbage cans is a natural attraction to ants. Try to remove the garbage before retiring for the evening. If removal is not possible, seal off any tempting left-overs or bags that contain the ants’ favorite smells and treats. 

When ants find it very hard to find any food sources left behind, they move elsewhere.

Remove the threat of ants and other pests once and for all with the expert guidance of Sorenson Pest Control. We have provided fully licensed services for over 40 years to help countless families protect their properties. Contact Sorenson Pest Control today to keep your home pest-free.

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