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Why Pest Control Works.

Pest control services can be a nightmare whether you need them or not. It's difficult to find good info on the subject that doesn't involve going into a room with poisonous gas and then climbing out of a window butt naked. That's why this article exists, both for your sake and ours. Here are three reasons why pest control works:

Pest Control Technicians Get the Job Done Right.

You have probably seen pest control commercials with giant cockroaches jumping from person to person in great big heaps. If they could do that, it means they are bigger than anyone who has ever lived. 

In reality, when you hire a professional pest control service, you get a team of people devoted to one job: killing bugs. You won't see these people skipping work because they are hungover or they hate their co-workers (though they probably do hate some of them). Instead, you'll get a crew that comes to your home and gets the job done right.

If you’re in the California area and need pest control, Sorenson Pest Control will get the job done right for you.

The Problem Is Under Control.

A lot of people who try to do pest control themselves end up making the problem worse. They don't target the eggs of a cockroach, for example, which means that while all those ugly cockroach bodies are piling up in your kitchen another generation is going to hatch and come looking for lunch. The professionals know exactly how to handle a wide variety of nasty problems quickly and efficiently.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Getting Poisoned.

When you decide to take care of a pest problem yourself, the temptation is to look for the biggest, baddest poison you can find. You go for Raid. And when you do this, you're playing Russian Roulette with your pets (and kids). These poisons are deadly for dogs, cats, birds and any other living animal that might wander into their path. The professionals use non-toxic alternatives that target only cockroaches and other insects.

Sorenson Pest Control’s Integrated Pest Management has your pest problem covered.

The Solution Is Guaranteed.

When you call the pros, they will come out to your home and investigate your pest problem. They'll identify what species of roach infestation you have and recommend a course of action for getting rid of them. And they'll guarantee their work to rid your home of the pests you signed them up for.

If you’ve decided you need to go to the pros, contact Sorenson Pest Control today.

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