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Why Pest Control is an Essential Service

With the coronavirus continuing its spread across the country, many businesses have shut down to help flatten the curve. Businesses that remain open and active are considered essential and that includes pest control. This article will illustrate exactly why pest control services are vital for the community, and why we at Sorenson Pest Control are committed to serving our customers during this crisis.

Pests Spread Disease

Although COVID-19 does not show signs of animal-to-human transmission, the fact is that pests can still bring in a host of other diseases. Rats, roaches, ants and other critters can create significant health problems for homeowners and businesses.

COVID-19 is dangerous because it can worsen the effects of other conditions. So, if you get sick because of rats or roaches in the home, the coronavirus can wreak havoc on your compromised immune system.

Pest Problems Will Worsen Without Intervention

As the country went into quarantine, many businesses and buildings were shut down with minimal notice. Unfortunately, without human activity, many pests will have no problem creating nests for themselves. As quarantine extends into several months, these creatures will only multiply and do more damage as they expand their dominance.

Because of this potential danger, pest control services like Sorenson are essential for keeping these critters at bay. For example, if a building already had a rodent infestation before lockdown, the interior would get destroyed after three or four months with no one around to check on it.

Now that cities and businesses are starting to reopen, it is more crucial than ever to remove any pests from the premises as soon as possible.

Pests Destroy Property

While all pests can be a nuisance, rats are probably the most destructive. Their destructive tendencies stem from the fact that rodents have to chew all the time to keep their teeth in check. So, rats will gnaw on anything from wood to plastic to stone. To make matters worse, these vermin will seek out food supplies wherever they are and consume them with impunity. Most barriers are susceptible to the endless gnawing, which means many food stores can become contaminated as lockdowns continue.

Termites are another example of destructive pests. Without pest control services, they could have free reign over any building they infest. Waiting until lockdown restrictions ease could create a potential disaster.

Contact Sorenson Pest Control Today

Safety is our priority, and we are taking extra precautions during these times. If you spot any pests on your property, give us a call, and we will come out to do an inspection. No matter what kind of pests you have, we can make sure they will not bother you again.

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