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Why Controlling Mice is More Important in Cooler Months

To be sure, mice are a problem any time of year. The problems they cause and the potential diseases they carry are a concern for any homeowner, especially those with young children or indoor pets.

Mice create nests inside homes, and can have as many as 100 babies a month. What's worse, what begins as a first floor problem, can easily migrate upstairs, ending in the insulation inside your attic or crawlspace.

Further, in the cooler months, mice seek warm shelters. Placing a large target on your home and landscape.

Interested in learning more about why controlling mice is more important in the cooler months? Read on for more information.

- In cooler months, mice find entry into your home through cracks and crevices. Unfortunately, people don't realize it's happening until they witness evident signs of a mouse intrusion, like mouse visibility or signs of bedding.

- Mice also find entry gaps in windows and ceilings, through roofs, as well as through sewer lines. When drainage pipes exiting your home are improperly sealed, due to the body shape of a mouse, they can slink into the smallest of spaces. All of which is activity that is increased in the fall.

- Mice can also find entry through other types of plumbing, like sinks and toilets. Some have even been known to use gas lines as a route into your home. Thus, outdoor prevention tactics are important to stopping mice entry.

- After mice create a nice, warm place to live inside your home, they rarely go back outside. Feeding off of the food in your kitchen, mice can wreak havoc on your home's sanitation, and on your sanity.

- Stopping mice from creating a large nest in your home in the cooler months takes perseverance and a sharp eye. Sealing cracks in your foundation, ensuring that drain fittings are tight, and that your home is shut down is the only way to stop mouse entry.

- Further, always keep food sealed tightly, and clean up any debris in your kitchen; taking out trash often, as to not attract unwanted guests. 

The more you do to stop mice from entering your home, the better shape you'll be. However, to truly prevent mice from entering your home, or to end a mouse problem, contact a professional exterminator as soon as a mouse presence is evident.

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