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Why Bugs Love the Bathroom

You don't want to share your fresh, clean bathroom with a population of pests, but insects seem determined to move in. It's easy to understand their taste for kitchen cabinets, but why do bugs love the bathroom so much?

What Makes the Bath Bug Central?

Insects enjoy your bathroom's environment because it's warm, damp and offers easy foraging. It's an ideal atmosphere for bugs living and breeding behind walls and under sinks. They raid vanity cabinets munching on paper products and crawl around drains enjoying a constant water source. Pests don't have to travel far or work hard to set up permanent house in your bath.

Which Bugs Are the Worst?

Most homeowners complain about cockroaches in the bathroom, but these insects rank high on the unwanted bug list because they multiply quickly and they're hard to miss. Those annoying clouds of gnats around your sinks are actually hordes of tiny flies that thrive on moisture and debris in bathroom drains. Silverfish love the bath too, but their nocturnal habits keep their pest profile low.

Why Can't You Control Bathroom Pests?

Approaching the problem with a DIY attitude and a can of bug spray initially gets results, but you can't reach into walls, crawlspaces and drains swarming with pest infestations. Traps and baits don't supply enough ammunition to take out an established colony, and bug bombs are dangerous especially in the confined space of a bathroom.

The best way to end the love affair between bugs and your bathroom starts with a call to your local pest control specialist. He'll pinpoint the infestation's location and eliminate the problem with proven techniques, so you can get back to enjoying your personal space without all that unwanted company.

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