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Which Rodents to Expect in November

As November approaches and we march towards winter, the weather outside means that we need to start thinking about rodents. Why? Well, just like how we don’t like to be outside in the cold temperatures and winter weather, warm-blooded creatures like rats and mice don’t want to be out there, either.

As cozy and comfortable as your house feels to you, it feels exactly that way for the rodents trying to get in, as well. But what sort of uninvited guests can you expect? Here are some rodents you can expect to try to get in your house this November.

Winter Rodents

If you’re going to have an encounter with a rodent in your house this winter, then there’s a good chance you’ll encounter one of the typical rodents that you can find outside any time of the year. See, it’s not that different types of rodents come out at different times of the year, really. It’s more that you stand more of a chance of seeing these pests indoors during these colder months.

Of course, the most common rodent you’ll find is your every day, garden-variety rat. These larger rodents can be scary to encounter, but really they want to leave you alone and be left alone. Smaller rodents like various types of mice can also be found in your home when it’s cold outside. And if it really gets cold outside you might be able to expect stranger rodents like squirrels trying to get in to stay warm.

How To Prevent Rodents

If the idea of coming across a rat, mouse or squirrel in your home fills you with dread or anxiety, then the good news is there are things you can do to prevent this from happening.

First, find and fill all the small cracks and crevices you can. Even if your home looks airtight, there are probably tiny openings around windows, doors and walls that those smaller, outside critters can find and exploit. Find them and seal them to the best of your ability.

Second, clean up as much as you can. This doesn’t just go for food, although that is obviously important. Rodents like to chew cardboard, wiring and other things we wouldn’t consider to be food, so take the time to find all these potential food sources and squirrel them away (no pun intended) as much as you can.

Finally, call a professional. Even if you go through and find all the cracks and crevices and food that you can, there’s always going to be things that are hard for the untrained eye to spot. Calling in a professional is the best, most sure-fire way to make sure your home is protected against winter rodent infestations.

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