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What to do when you hear mice in the walls

Why do mice love living in your walls so much? Simple: they're warm, nothing else lives in there (beyond a few easily defeated insects), and there's plenty of room for growth. Why, by chewing through your walls, they can basically gain access to any area of your home in just a matter of time. And there's nothing worse than going to bed at night, knowing that there are mice running around in your home where you can't get them.

And once they get in, they're probably pretty content to just stay right in there. They're under no impetus to leave quickly and they're ready for the long haul. Soon, they'll be pumping out all sorts of baby mice. And soon those baby mice will be making baby mice. And then those baby mice will be...

Look: you need to stop this silly cycle dead in its tracks. There's no reason that a good person, who owns their own home, should have to deal with pests like these. But rooting mice out of your walls isn't easy: after all, they'll be nearly invisible most of the time.

What can you do when you have mice in the walls and they refuse to leave? You can lay out traps and deal with other silly and ineffective DIY pest control techniques. Or you can call a professional and have them eliminate mice from walls utilizing safe and effective treatments.

Don't let mice take over your home: make that call today! It'll be the best decision you'll have made in a long, long time.

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