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What to Do About Ants in Your Kitchen

It doesn’t matter where you live – you have probably experienced an ant problem at some point in your life. Ants are everywhere and they will squeeze into the smallest cracks and crevices to get inside. If you have an ant problem in your kitchen specifically, there are a few things you can do to minimize this problem right away. Here are some tips. 

Clean-Up All Food

Ants are very attracted to food and food debris. If you have lots of crumbs on the floor of your kitchen, chances are that those crumbs are what attracted the ants to your home in the first place. To minimize this issue, make sure you clean your kitchen thoroughly and clean up after you eat. 

Pay Attention to Where They are Coming From

Your kitchen may not be the problem – the ants might be coming from a room that is close to your kitchen, or they may even be coming from your garage. Ants can sneak in through the smallest cracks and if they are making a home in your garage, chances are that they are in your kitchen because of the close proximity. In this case, the main issue would be in your garage. 


Ants can also come into your home if they are in your pet’s fur. Pets are often outside playing in the grass and dirt, and ants and other bugs can get into their fur very easily. To eliminate this issue, check your pet’s fur because letting them inside your home after some time outside could bring in insects. Or, do not let your pet roll in the grass and dirt, unless you are going to bathe them right after. 

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