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What is Integrated Pest Management?

If you conduct a search for any pest control service online, you’ll find a common term that may seem like just another buzzword: integrated pest management (IPM). Despite what you might think, this is actually a method of pest control that is defined and regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Pest control services have to adhere to strict guidelines and protocols to present themselves as an IPM provider. What does the term actually mean? Let’s break it down together:

Defining IPM

The EPA defines IPM as “an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices.”

In short, that means pest control services who use IPM reference current and comprehensive information regarding pest life cycles, environmental interactions and ecological impacts that pests create on the local environment.

The cornerstone of any IPM system is eliminating or managing pest damage economically while minimizing potential hazards to people, property and the environment. With local pest control services, this means only using eco-friendly pest control practices, insecticides and pest control substances that pose the least harm to household pets and local wildlife.

What IPM Means for Pest Control Clients

Hiring an IPM pest control service like Sorenson Pest Control provides peace of mind about eliminating your infestation. The pest control experts at Sorenson only use eco-friendly pest control substances, and we carefully consider every option before deciding how to deal with your pest control problem. 

Our goal is to get rid of the pests plaguing your home with the least amount of risk to you and your loved ones. We also calculate the impact our pest control protocols will have on the local ecosystem to ensure our solution for your pest infestation won’t adversely affect our community and local wildlife. At Sorenson Pest Control, we are dedicated to providing environmentally friendly solutions to your pest control problems that eliminate pests and prevent recurrence.

If you own a home or property in Gridley and need a pest control inspect, contact Sorenson Pest Control today Sorenson Pest Control today. We are the local IPM experts with the experience you need to eliminate pest problems without adversely affecting the planet. Make the environmentally friendly choice, and invite Sorenson Pest Control to help you eliminate your household pest problem quickly, safely and permanently. 

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