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What Food Attracts Rodents Into Your Home?

What do deer mice, house mice, Norway rats and roof rats have in common? They are all excellent scavengers.

Rodents have a keen sense of smell, and if your house has food they find appetizing, it can quite likely lure them right into your very home.

In this article, we’ll talk about what rodents eat and how you can use that knowledge to prevent those pesky rodents from invading your property.

What Do Rodents Eat?

Believe it or not, rodents like to eat a variety of foods. Here are the most common food items you should stow away from rodents.


Fruits are rodents' favorite source of food. They especially love raspberries and blackberries as well as pears and apples.

The more ripened your fruit is, the more likely they will smell it. So be sure to keep your fruit fresh and in a safe place that is difficult for rodents to access.


Pecans, almonds and walnuts are also a favorite among many rodents, but they aren’t picky— they’ll eat any kind of nut they get their grubby hands on!

Nuts contain a high amount of protein, so rodents love this energy-dense food source. Therefore, if you have a nut allergy then it's best to avoid areas with high rodent populations.

Grains and Seeds

From sunflower seeds to various oats, rats and mice enjoy many types of grains and seeds as they are one of the most natural kinds of food for them to eat.

If you have a bird feeder or bags of feed in your shed, keep in mind that these critters see it as their own personal feasting site.


When it comes to eating meat, rats tend to eat more than mice. Whether it's old rotten leftovers or a fresh prime rib, they don’t discriminate. 

To avoid attracting any rodents, keep your meat in the freezer or refrigerator as much as possible.

Pet food

Rodents are more than happy to eat your pet’s food, and most pet food packaging is easy to access for them.

To prevent them from chewing their way into your beloved pet’s bag of food, try storing them in a secure, sealable container instead.

Animal Byproducts

Just because you’ve locked away all of the food rodents enjoy doesn’t mean they won’t find other items in your home to sink their teeth into.

Desperate times come to desperate measures and your clothing that’s made from animals such as leathers and suedes are rodents’ next victim. 

Even though this is less likely to happen, it’s best to play it safe and store these animal byproducts in a safe space where rats and mice cannot reach.

Say Goodbye to Hungry Rodents

We hope you’ve found this article useful in preventing any small, furry and unwanted visitors from entering your home. 

However, if you ever feel like you need some backup, Sorenson Pest Control can take care of your rodent problem once and for all. 

Contact Sorenson Pest Control today to learn more about our quality services!

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