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Wasp Control in Gridley, California

Wasp Control in Gridley, California

Whether you call them yellow jackets or hornets, they all inflict a nasty sting. Some nest in the ground while others build under eaves, equipment and in backyard trees. 

Wasps forage during the day and don't spend much time at home until after dusk. It's hard to spot a fresh colony because there's very little activity around the nest during the day.  Ground colonies are even harder to detect until you step in one and stir up the nest.

 Wasp are difficult to control, because the nest must be found and disposed of.    Physical removal is effective if care is taken, particularly doing so at night when the adult wasps are not active but are resting on the nest. The adults may also be killed with a directed stream of insecticide from an aerosol designed for these wasps. Once the adults are killed the nest can be removed and disposed of.

It's always best to call in a professional when you're dealing with any kind of infestation, but wasps pose a dangerous problem. Trust an experienced pest control specialist to handle these aggressive insects before they move inside your home.

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