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Top 5 Fall Pests

Top 5 Fall Pests

These pests are expected to be especially prevalent this fall. 


Ants move indoors as they seek refuge from the rain and cooler weather. These pests are drawn to food sources and often contaminate open containers of food.


Roaches are known to find their way into the hidden spaces in a home when the weather turns cooler. These pests are known to carry bacteria that can get circulated into a home to make people sick.


These frightening pests do not like the cold. Warm, moist environments tend to attract centipedes. Although they usually run away when humans are near, centipedes that get close enough to bite can cause a lot of pain.


Earwigs are drawn to water, so it is common to find these pests in kitchens and bathrooms. While earwigs are not dangerous, they are a nuisance.


Most people assume that wasps die off completely in cold weather, but there are always some survivors that find their way into a warm home to make it through the cooler months. These pests with a nasty temper are known to sting without warning.

Professional Pest Control Services

Homeowners who notice that they are sharing their home with unwanted pests can call on a professional exterminator for help. Pest control companies have the knowledge, experience and skill needed to effectively eliminate common fall pests. Preventative measures are typically used to ensure that homeowners enjoy a pest-free home all season long.

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