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The Top 3 Reasons Pests Infest Homes

The Top 3 Ways Pests Infest Homes

No matter how well you clean and maintain your home, bugs will always have a reason to come inside. Pest insects may belong outdoors, but your home serves as a cocktail of sorts, providing abundant food, water and shelter for roaches, ants, silverfish and other bothersome pests. By closing off their entryways, you can keep pests out of your home and prevent infestations.

1. Vents and plumbing lines

The space between a dryer vent and the wall provides enough room for roaches, millipedes and other crawling insects to pass through and enter your home. These pests also use the openings around your plumbing lines to invade your kitchen and bathroom. Silverfish are often seen in bathrooms and use the plumbing lines beneath the sink to infest your space.

2. Windows and doors

Cracks around windows and doors appear over time due to old age or a changing foundation. When these cracks appear, insects use the openings as a way to come inside and search for food and shelter. Ants, roaches and flying pests like gnats and stink bugs use gaps around doors and windows to enter your home.

3. Baseboards

Older homes often have uneven flooring and warped baseboards. As the baseboards break away from the wall, they create tiny gaps for ants, roaches, centipedes and other insects to use as entryways. Having gaps around your baseboards could also indicate damage behind the walls and result in pest infestations.

Stopping Pest Infestations at the Source

When insect pests have moved into your home, contact Sorenson Pest Control for an inspection. Our professional technicians can diagnose your home, provide a detailed report and create a customized service plan to eliminate any infestations. We also identify troublesome entryways and provide preventative solutions to keep pests out of your home for now and in the future.

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