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Steps To Prevent Your Pet From Getting Fleas

Female fleas can produce at a rate of 40-50 eggs per day for around 50 days. Once fleas have reached your pet’s fur, it's all suffering from there. To avoid this, use these steps to prevent your pet from getting fleas.

Limit Your Pet’s Outside Time

Pets love being active. They need time each day to run wild or roam freely outside. Although, too much time outdoors increases the risk of your pet getting fleas. Fleas will hitch a ride on any mammal they can. You don't want that mammal to be your pet. Instead of them spending too much time outside, create a fun and spacious environment for your pet inside. Spend time with them and use toys to entertain them. 

Beware of Contact With Other Wild Animals

One of the most common ways your pet picks up fleas is through exposure to other animals. Fleas can come from squirrels, deer, birds and other wild critters. These are the very same animals that are found right in your backyard! Fleas can easily hop from one animal to another. To lower your pet’s risks of getting fleas, keep it away from any wild or stray animals when exposed to the outdoors.

Bathe and Brush Them Regularly

Regularly bathing your pet ensures that you do not get too many unfriendly visits from fleas. The sudsy soap you apply to your pet during bath time is the perfect weapon against fleas. Unlike water, dish soap can damage the fleas’ exoskeleton, thus ruining their ability to float and causing them to drown. 

Check for Fleas Regularly

Routinely checking your pets for fleas is one of the best ways to catch an infestation early, before the population grows. Using a flea comb is another way to check for fleas. Combing your pet's fur with a flea comb allows the fleas to get trapped between the rows of the teeth. You can then quickly dunk them into a bowl of hot water to ensure they will not escape. Monthly flea treatments from the vet are also a good way to protect your pet from any suffering. 

Flea infestations can invade your home and spread throughout the house. If you have been unlucky enough to experience this then Contact Sorenson Pest Control right away! Let our professionals save you the trouble of having to deal with these pests yourself.


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