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Spider Control: Not a Do-It-Yourself Job

Spider Control: Not a Do-It-Yourself Job

How many spiders do you suppose there are in America right now? A dozen different kinds? A hundred? What if we told you that there are several thousand species of spiders crawling around North America this very minute? Each species of spider is represented by millions of individuals-- do the math, and you'll realize that spiders outnumber humans exponentially.

Fortunately, only three species of spider are likely to harm you, so says the Center for Disease Control. Unfortunately, if you share your home or workspace with any dangerous spider, there's not a lot you can do about it on your own. Frankly, you shouldn't even try.

For every spider you see, there may be many more hiding nearby.

Brown Recluse

A Brown Recluse can cause considerable pain and injury to anyone with the bad luck to surprise the normally shy spider. Recluse spiders are known to hide inside shoes, clothes and bathrobes hanging on hooks. The bite of a Brown Recluse is not only painful-- it can cause a flesh wound that doesn't heal.

Black Widow

The plump and shiny Black Widow builds her messy nest in hidden places. Anyone who reaches into her hiding place and frightens her is bound to receive a painful and dangerous bite. Only pest control professionals have the skills and equipment to effectively eliminate an infestation.

Hobo Spider 

The Hobo is often called the Aggressive House Spider, and for very good reason. The Hobo is not shy, and will build its funnel-shaped nest in both hidden and not-so-hidden areas. The bite of the Hobo hurts at first, and then worsens over time. Like a Recluse bite, the bite of the little brown Hobo spider can leave a long-lasting wound.

If you are unsure if the spiders lurking on and around your property are dangerous, leave them alone and call a pest control company. Remember, some spiders are very dangerous and should be dealt with only by a trained professional.

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