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The Two Best Ways To Prevent Cockroaches

Roaches are probably the most common and most distressing pest there is. In addition to their appearance, roaches can be a health hazard. Roaches can carry and spread germs and diseases, presenting a special danger to infants and the elderly. 

Roaches hide in the walls and dark spaces of a home, coming out in the dark to search for food when humans are asleep. Seeing one or more roaches is usually an indication of a much bigger problem.

Find them and seal them off

The first step in keeping roaches out of your home is cutting off their food sources. Keep food stored in sealed containers. Sweep up crumbs and wipe up spills immediately. The harder you make it to find food, the better chance you have of keeping roaches away.

Look for signs of roaches in the obvious places, like under sinks and appliances and around openings to the outside. If you discover evidence of roaches like their trails and entry points, seal them up. Products such as caulk and expanding foam can be highly effective. Other spots to consider include vents and plumbing lines, cracks around windows, doors and foundation, and spaces between baseboards and floorboards and carpets and walls.

Call in a professional

There are only so many possible solutions you can try on your own before you discover “roach hunting” can be a full time and frustrating job. There are many “DIY” treatments available that may seem like a simple fix at first but end up costing more than they are worth in time and trouble.

The best solution to controlling cockroaches long-term is to work with an expert. Professional exterminators follow the latest science and technologies, applying the most effective strategies behind finding cockroaches, killing them and preventing them from coming back.

A professional exterminator can also give you advice on how to keep roaches away from your home after a thorough treatment. Over time, a professional is likely to cost less than trying to do it yourself.

Stop a Cockroach Infestation Before it Occurs 

Sorenson Pest Control treats homes, schools, businesses, storage spaces and offices on a routine basis. Our professional technicians will apply the same level of expertise conducting a thorough inspection, identifying any entry points or trouble spots, diagnosing your specific situation, and creating a customized service plan for you. 

Contact Sorenson Pest Control today to schedule a free home inspection and service estimate.

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