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Pests in Firewood

When you look at a pile of firewood, it might remind you of all the cozy evenings you have spent in your living-room as the snow falls gently outside. What you might not realize is that the same logs can harbor several types of invasive and destructive insects. Unless the wood is stored in a dry, enclosed place, you might well bring unwanted guests into your house. Take steps to protect yourself before they put a stop to your winter cheer.

You would be amazed at the variety of bugs that find firewood to be very appealing. Adult beetles of many kinds, as well as their larvae, can live under the bark and inside of the wood. These include longhorned and boring beetle larvae. If your firewood is dry, carpenter bees may find it irresistible. Horntail wasps also often lay their eggs in dry firewood, emerging when it is brought indoors. If your tinder is damp, pests such as carpenter ants and termites may make their homes there. If that’s not creepy enough, several other types of bugs may crawl into damp wood if it is piled on the ground, including millipedes, centipedes, pillbugs and bark lice.

In most cases, these insects will not do damage to your home. However, if you have stored your wood in a damp garage or basement and you see evidence of infestation, don’t try to deal with this problem on your own. You don’t want to risk any of these critters doing structural damage to your property or reproducing in your home. Instead, let a reputable exterminator eradicate these pests once and for all. An experience pest control professional will also give you invaluable tips that will enable you to keep your property and firewood pest-free from now on.

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