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Leave the Peppermints for Company and Call for Professional Mouse Control

Leave the Peppermints for Company and Call for Professional Mouse Control

Humans have been using the peppermint plant for centuries as food, fragrance and homeopathic medicine. There is proof that it works in all three of those areas but what about when it comes to mouse control? Can laying a few hard, peppermint candies out on to the counter or spraying oil in front of a suspected den keep the furry critters at bay? Chances are they won’t provide the type of mouse control home and business owners need.

So why does the myth persist? Perhaps it has to do with rodent biology. Scientists have long known that mice have an acute sense of smell, which they use for survival. It helps them do everything from identify friends and foes to food. But study research published in Nature Neuroscienceduring the summer of 2014, show that there are limitations to the little creatures’ sniffing power.

Like humans, mice have a tendency to get distracted at times. So hypothetically, a mouse bombarded with a variety of strong, unfamiliar scents may be more skittish than most. Skittishness may lead it away temporarily but not forever. Why? Mice learn like other animals too. As such, after being repeatedly exposed to peppermint oil without negative consequences, the mice eventually realize that it doesn’t signal harm.

Of course at that point, it won’t matter how much peppermint oil someone puts around a home or business. The mice will just scamper past it on their way to tasty food scraps, water or a warm, dry place to nest. That said, the only truly effective forms of mouse control are available through other means, like calling in a professional.

Mouse control professionals do not use scented oils to lure rodents from a home or business site. Instead, they rely on an assortment of products that have proven histories to back them up. To learn more about those products and how to avoid falling victim to mouse control myths, please contact us today.

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