The summertime can be rough on your pets. As they battle to stay cool in the hot and humid weather, your cats, dogs, and other furry friends may also have to deal with pests like fleas, ticks, and flies. Even if you buy the best reviewed flea and tick collars on the market, chances are that your pets will still suffer from insect bites and infections this summer. When you want to keep your dogs, cats, and other animals safe and healthy this season, you should call a professional exterminator for help.

An exterminator provides more services than just routine pest control in your home or business. This professional also is trained to handle pest infestations that put your pet and your family at risk. Fleas, ticks, worms, flies, and other pests often bring with them a host of viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can jeopardize the health of your animals, your children, and even you. When you rely on a professional exterminator to treat your home, yard, and property, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that these dangerous pests will be eliminated thoroughly.

The exterminator that comes to your home can find out what pests are living in your yard and home. Whether you and your pets are dealing with fleas, ticks, or other common pests, this contractor can identify the specific bug or parasite and use the proper equipment to extinguish it permanently. He or she can spray your yard, trees, shrubs, and other outdoor areas while also treating your home to get rid of your pest infestation. You and your pets can once again go out in the yard without being bitten or stung.