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How to Tell if You Have a Mouse Problem

MiceThere is no question that mice and people intermingle, even though these chance meetings are unintentional. Throughout history, mice have been known to inhabit homes, churches, museums and other edifices. Somehow, a mouse manages to live and thrive without the need to work for a living. Some mice lead quite happy lives depending on the goodwill of humans who provide them with their daily sustenance.

Look for the Obvious Signs

It is easy to recognize the existence of mice in the house. The most obvious sign is the sound of mice scampering about in the attack or walls. If a home is the habitat of several mice, the sound is rather loud and reminiscent of a small army marching to and fro from one end of the house to the other.

Little droppings closely resembling caraway seeds are the most obvious telltale signs that mice have invaded the home. Mice tend to leave these somewhat repulsive excreta in areas where they are nibbling on food. Urine emanating from the body of a mouse may emit an odor reminiscent of ammonia.

Another sign that a mouse problem exists is when cereal boxes and other food packages have explainable holes. Of course, visible teeth marks are a dead giveaway. Tampering with human food items is not the only evidence. Mice also enjoy eating their way through pet food containers and bags of bird seed.

Wood furnishings with holes that did not exist in the past indicate the presence of mice. The little creatures nibble on the bottoms of wood drawers with the intention of finding warm, cozy nesting areas. Mice love to hide from humans, so they make tremendous efforts to conceal their whereabouts.

Mice Manage to Find Numerous Hiding Places

Since a mouse does not want to get caught, and possibly die, the right hiding place is extremely important. Mice are imaginative animals who enjoy hiding in a wide array of places. Mice frequently live in attics, basements, walls, food pantries, desks, cupboards and closets.

Ways to Detract Mice from Entering the Home

A house featuring small cracks around the foundation is an open invitation to mice. Mice can fit through extremely small openings. A determined homeowner can seal foundation and wall cracks to prevent mice from entering the home.

Luck and the Ill-Fated Mouse

Alas, some mice are less fortunate than others because the generosity of their human benefactors suddenly comes to an abrupt halt. Homeowners who realize that mice are living in their homes typically take immediate actions to ensure their rapid departures. People who are frustrated with the existence of mice in their homes are encouraged to contact Sorenson Pest Control for all of their pest control needs.

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