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How to Identify a Spider Infestation

Spiders are usually found in isolated and dark areas inside or outside of your home. They prefer this setting so that their nests and feeding places won’t be bothered by larger predators. Sometimes a full-on spider infestation can be dangerous to tackle on your own. It can also be a scary endeavor depending on the type of spider. Read on to learn how to identify a spider infestation. 


The most telling sign of a spider infestation is to look for webs in the corners of your rooms. For an exterior infestation problem, they can be up in nooks of your roof where it is likely they will trap other insects to feed on. If you get rid of the webs, you will get rid of their food supply. 

Moist Environments 

Like most pests, spiders prefer an environment that provides water. Be sure to check your basement or garage, as these areas tend to hold moisture. Be sure to wipe up any spills and dry your floors. 

Dusty Enclosed Spaces

Check your closets, attics, cabinets, and any storage space that may gather dust. Places that don’t have a lot of traffic are attractive to spiders. Regularly dust and vacuum all areas of your house, but especially the places that aren’t cleaned as regularly. 

Other Pests 

Spiders don’t feed on humans. The risk of spider bites is low, but it is present. Keep your home clear of other pests like flies or mosquitos. If you remove potential food options for spiders, they will less likely set up their home within your home. 

Webs Outside 

If your home or the area immediately surrounding your home has a dusty grayish appearance, you may have a spider infestation. That isn’t dust. It is created by webs that are extended over a larger surface area. They can also be found in shrubbery because the shrubbery will provide shelter and food for the spiders. Have the exterior of your house power washed occasionally and have your greenery regularly tended to. 

If you are afraid of dealing with a spider infestation yourself or are not sure if you have a spider infestation, contact Sorenson Pest Control to speak with a licensed professional. From there, we can help properly assess the situation and create a course of action to remove the spiders from your home or place of business. 

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