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How Fleas Attack Your Pets

Fleas are parasitic insects that commonly infest pets and their owners. In order to protect your pets and household from these invasive pests, it’s important to know how fleas invade.

The Basics of Fleas

If you have dogs or cats, you’re probably familiar with flea medication. You may have even experienced flea bites or noticed them on your pet. More likely, you will have seen your pet scratching at fleas.

Fleas are tiny and can be hard to find. They don’t have wings but can famously jump from host to host.

Equipped with a saw-like mouth, fleas bite into the skin of their animal or human host. They drink blood like mosquitos, and their bites are just as irritating. 

Adult fleas can go without feeding for months at a time. You may encounter a flea infestation in a vacant home for this reason.

After feeding, fleas lay eggs and continue their life cycle on their host. They also leave visible, dark spots behind. These spots are actually their feces and its presence on your pet indicates an infestation.

Why Prevent Flea Infestations

Fleas can be dangerous because they transmit diseases. Did you know fleas helped carry the bubonic plague? Fleas transmit diseases by biting and feeding on the blood of larger animals. They also spread diseases from one type of animal to another, such as from rats to humans.

Along with the annoyance of bites, the possibility of disease transfer is why fleas are considered pests. It is important to treat your pets using flea medication regularly, but fleas can still hitch a ride into your home or infest your yard.

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Pets that have outdoor access should be treated regularly with flea medication. Not only does this treatment prevent irritation for your pet, it can also prevent serious problems like tapeworms.

The best method of preventing flea infestations is with professional pest control. A pest control technician can efficiently assess the infestation and implement appropriate control measures. Removing fleas from around your home prevents them from being carried into your home and onto you.

Now that you know how fleas attack your pets, you will be better able to identify a possible infestation. If you are experiencing a flea infestation contact Sorenson Pest Control today and get your free quote.

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