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Exercise Mouse Control and Avoid Exposure to Infectious Pathogens

Exercise Mouse Control and Avoid Exposure to Infectious Pathogens

What is 7-inches long, weighs less than an ounce and has a 4-inch tail? If you guessed a house mouse, you’d be correct.  It can scurry through cracks smaller than 1-inch across and jump a foot high off of the ground from a standing position. Plus, the females are often capable of giving birth to 60 offspring in a given year.  At first blush, that may seem pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, nature’s little marvels also carry infectious, harmful pathogens with them. So, there is certainly no place for house mice in a person’s home. Thankfully, there are mouse control measures available that will successfully keep the infectious critters away. The situation and the homeowners’ preferences will help determine which ones mouse control experts use to achieve their objectives.

In general, mouse control efforts start with determining the tiny mammals’ point of entry. The suspected main entry is then sealed along with any other openings that may be contributing to the infestation problem. Items that the house mice need to survive, like food and water, are then removed. Afterward, the true house mouse removal or extermination efforts begin.

Removal methods often involve the use of live traps, which are baited with non-poisonous foods. Any captured house mice are then taken from the home and released in another, unpopulated location. However, some mouse control companies choose to use poisonous baits, glue boards or lethal traps instead. The list of lethal devices includes, but is not limited to snap and battery-powered, electrocution traps. They are frequently used alone or in conjunction with anticoagulants and other rodenticides.

Once the removal or extermination efforts are complete, mouse control experts often offer advice on preventing future infestations. This advice may include suggestions to install special systems, make home modifications and investments in natural predators, like cats. To learn more about mouse control measures that may be appropriate for your home or business, please contact us.

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