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Enjoying the Outdoors Pest-Free

An evening spent outdoors with your family and friends can quickly turn into a disaster by an invasion of annoying pests. Many pests can also spread diseases and produce painful effects from their bites or stings. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to enjoy the outdoors pest-free.

Use Bug Spray

While there are pests that will not be deterred by the use of bug spray, it will help stave off some of the common ones. If you are camping in a moist environment that is home to swarms of mosquitoes, bug spray will allow you to safely relax without being bothered.

Keep Your Patio Area Clean

A cluttered and dirty patio can prove to be a major attraction for unwanted pests. Insects and rodents will often look for places to take shelter, and clutter on your patio can provide this for them. Clean up any spills or food that is on your patio to provide pests with less incentive.

Light Citronella Torches

Citronella produces a scent that naturally deters certain insects from entering the area. Lighting citronella torches around your yard or campsite is an excellent way to protect yourself from flies and mosquitoes.

Secure Your Food

If you're enjoying a barbeque or picnic, it’s a great decision to always make sure that your food is safe from pests. Use sealable containers to store any food, and only pack drinks that can be sealed with a lid. This will prevent pests from sneaking into your food supply when you’re not paying attention.

Hire a Pest Control Service

If your yard is overloaded with more pests than you can deal with, consider hiring a pest control service. Large infestations and certain pests can be quite dangerous and present serious health risks. Technicians will have the tools that are required to deal with large-scale pest infestations. They can also assist you in keeping your yard free of pests throughout the year.

Contact Sorenson Pest Control

If you live in Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Yuba, Sutter or the surrounding areas in California, contact Sorenson Pest Control. Our state-licensed and professionally trained pest control technicians can provide you with a complete and personalized service. We can help you deal with ants, roaches, spiders and more. Give us a call at (866)-967-9588 or visit our website at Sorenson Pest Control for a free estimate.

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