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Effective Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are pests that are most famous for being nature’s perfect disease distribution system. Many species can live for a month with no water, and up to two or three months with no food. We’ve covered warning signs that you may have cockroaches in your home (finding eggs, feces, or a single roach). If caught early enough, there are measures you can take to stop the infestation.

Roach Control

As they are drawn to food, keeping a home clean and all food stored in sealed containers is usually enough to curtail roaches from setting up residence. But that’s not always enough. Roaches also feed on adhesives, starch from paper, even certain organic fabric such as leather. If a cockroach determines that you have enough of one of these, they can overlook cleanliness.

Once it has been determined that roaches have moved in, there are actions that can be taken on your own.

  • Find Problem Areas - Use glue strips to locate the paths that roaches are taking while you are not looking. Use a flashlight to check common hiding spots such as behind large appliances and under the sink.
  • Seal Openings - Traps reduce existing roach populations, but outside roaches will still be enticed to enter. Caulk and other sealants can be very effective at sealing the gaps that are being used to access the home.
  • Set Up Gel Bait Stations - Gel bait is a poison that roaches will eat and then take back to the base location to be fed to their colonies. Note - this will result in roach carcasses around the house that are contaminated with the poison. But this is a top way to rid them in the home.
  • Boric Acid Boost - Boric acid is low in toxicity to people and pets (in very low doses - do not ingest!!!) but is lethal to roaches. Though easily displaced by breezes, boric acid can create barriers that roaches will refuse to cross or ensure that bait will terminate them.

Peace of Mind

For every roach that has been spotted, the chances are there are many others that are in hiding. As they often avoid light, it can be difficult to be certain that a home is roach-free if one has been seen, even if steps have been taken to combat them. To make sure that your home is in the clear, or to create a plan to prevent an infestation, contact Sorenson Pest Control, today.

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