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Don't Invite Pests to Thanksgiving Dinner!

Don't Invite Pests to Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Pests

Thanksgiving traveling is common, but it can have some unintended consequences. For example, many seasoned travelers still fail to realize how easy it is to pick up some bugs and pests from different areas. These critters can find a crevice or crack in your luggage, for example, which leads them directly into your home. This kind of pest is often called a hitchhiker, and they are very adept at finding various kinds of surfaces to build a temporary refuge. Bedbugs and fleas are the most common type of hitchhiking insects, but there are others as well.

Protecting Your Home

These pests may travel inside of the luggage that your guests or relatives are carrying. This is why it is important to prepare in advance for any problems. If you place sensitive protocols in place, you can take care of these items without disturbing the disposition of your holiday guests. Our professional service professionals have a lot of experience in dealing with various holiday situations. During this time, a lot of people are traveling, and it is very common to have to address the possibility of picking up a hitchhiker or two.

Once these pests make it inside of a residential building, they will instantly seek to find as much food and water as possible. They often have a highly developed sense of smell, so your pantry area will be vulnerable. Always clean the shelves before restocking, and make sure that there are no crumbs or spilled food waiting to attract some ants, fleas or bed bugs. Pantries with a lot of food may also attract rodents, which require large food supplies. Our service professionals can help you protect your home during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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