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Common DIY Roach Control Methods (And Why They Don't Work)

Common DIY Roach Control Methods (And Why They Don't Work)

DIY roach control techniques are highly attractive to homeowners because they're relatively inexpensive and easy to implement. However, they just can't be considered a truly effective way to deal with a serious roach infection. The advantages of the following DIY techniques are definitely outweighed by their disadvantages.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is safe-for-human substance that can be combined with sugar and water to create a paste dangerous to cockroaches. Once ingested, it will slowly kill roaches by dehydration. A slow death is part of what makes this a popular technique as it gives roaches plenty of time to share the paste with their young.

So, why should you avoid this method? Simple: it just can't kill cockroaches quickly enough to be effective. It can take over a week to successfully kill a single roach. By then, multiple roaches in the colony have likely given birth,

Beer and Bread

While it's true that roaches have shown a strange predilection towards beer, these homemade traps are often more trouble than they are worth. Sure, you'll catch about a dozen roaches in each trap. But then you have to clean them out, which is a rather disgusting process.

And let's be honest: do you think that taking out a few dozen roaches will do the trick? Not even close: roach colony population can top millions.

Spraying Catnip

Many DIY pest control guides will suggest spreading catnip around your food to repel cockroach invasion. While this will definitely keep roaches away from your food, it will do very little to actually control their population.

All it will do is cause a few roaches to starve while they look for alternate food sources. Do you know what that means? More cockroaches out in the open during the day searching for their next meal.

By now, it should be clear that these DIY roach control techniques are little more than a bandage to what can be a severe issue. They certainly won't hurt your roach situation. But, they can't replace the effectiveness of a professional pest control expert.

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