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Cold Bugs: How Pests Deal With Winter

Pests seek warmer places indoors when the cold weather sets in, and they find the most unseen places to invade homes in the winter. From dryer vents to cracks in the roof, pests can detect the slightest change in temperature and find a new way inside. Though some pests can deal with the harsh winter, others prefer to stay indoors and wait for the cold to pass.

Where There's an Opening, There's a Way Inside

From mice and squirrels to spiders and stink bugs, rodents and insects would rather stay warm inside than risk their lives out in the cold. Once the temperatures start to drop, these pests set out on a search for ways to get inside your home. They circle the perimeter and check for cracks around windows and doors, holes in the foundation and openings in the attic and roofline.

Though you might seal windows and doors during the winter, you may miss other openings around your home. Rodents and insects can squeeze between the tightest areas, such as the space between a dryer vent and the wall. They can also climb onto the roof and crawl through attic vents and unseen holes in the soffit.

Block Winter Pests With a Pest Control Professional

Let a pest control professional look for troublesome openings around your home. A professional has advanced tools and the knowledge to identify problematic entry points and seal them for good. When pests threaten your home in the winter, a pest control professional can block their access and prevent an unwanted infestation.

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