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Bees vs. Wasps

Bees vs. Wasps

Homeowners who spot bees or wasps in their yard should seriously consider obtaining professional assistance to find and remove them from the premises. The nests can be hidden in shrubs, trees, rain gutters and other obscure areas. Many people see one or two wasps or bees without knowing where their hives are located. These are insects that can pose a serious threat to people with certain kinds of allergies. In some cases, the sting may require hospitalization. 


Bees have a small body, and a bee sting is typically less painful than a sting incurred from a wasp. Most people will only experience moderate pain, swelling, itching or soreness, and these symptoms may last up to seven days. In rare cases, the bee sting may cause an extremely serious and systemic reaction to the venom. This may cause the person to need immediate medical care. Although this is rare, there is no way to tell if a person will have this reaction. 


Wasp stings cause more local pain than bee stings, and their appearance is also more menacing than the smaller bee. Wasps have a long body with a narrow torso, and their slender legs often dangle in the air. Most wasp nests are relatively small, but this also assists in disguising their location. It is very dangerous to attempt to destroy the wasp nest without professional assistance. 

Failed attempts may lead to an escalating situation where the surviving wasps become angry and aggressive. They may even enter the home through small openings, cracked windows or other entrances. It can be very difficult to deal with a wasp once they are inside the building. If you need help, contact our company.

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