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Ant Control: Who’s in Charge of Your Home, the Acrobats or You?

Did you know that there are more than five different species of ants that routinely cause problems for homeowners? Its true and one of them is the Crematogaster ashmeadi. Also known as acrobats, they have unusual features and behaviors that not only make them stand out among their peers but give rise to the need for an ant control professional’s services.

What Do They Look Like?

Visually, acrobats have extremely glossy, brown, black or red bodies that are 3.2-milimeters long and sport heart-shaped gasters outfitted with small stingers. And yes, they have no qualms about using them and their mouths to inflict pain on other living creatures. Of course they also use their mouths to ingest sweet liquids and water from wet wood, which is one of their favorite nesting sites. Understandably, they are just a few pressing reasons why professional ant control measures are needed when acrobats are involved.

Which Behaviors Are They Known For?

Ant control experts recognize acrobat ants for many things, including their ability to destroy insulation, fiber board, electrical wiring, telephone cords and internet lines. The insects also secrete allelochemicals during acts of aggression commonly referred to as gasterflagging. Although volatile, the allelochemicals generally do not negatively impact humans or domestic pets. However, it does have a nasty odor and may harm other insects. The list of other behaviors routinely witnessed in acrobat ant populations includes, but is not restricted to foraging in mass and swarming.

Which Acrobat Ant Control Measures Work Best?

Acrobat ant control measures vary. However, experts familiar with the species tend to use baits when the ants are most active. During downtimes in their life cycle, it may be necessary to physically locate the nests and attack them head on with industrial strength insecticides, including dusting powders and crevice sprays. To learn more about acrobat ant control measures, please contact us today.

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