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Africanized Honey Bee and Wasp Control Pros Warn of Swarms

Do you fear that Africanized honey bees have taken up residence on your property? If so, you may have cause for concern. Of course not all of the horrific stories are true. Some are simply urban legends meant to warn away children and others prone to going into respiratory distress or anaphylactic shock. But that doesn’t mean the presence of Africanized insects isn’t reason enough to hire bee and wasp control experts.

Licensed, Certified Pest Control Operators or CPCOs are highly trained individuals who have a grasp of bee and wasp control measures that exceeds their peers. Consequently, they are the best people to call regarding a potential Africanized honey bee colony. Most colonies of Africanized honey bees tend to swarm between now and the end of July. The swarms, by the way, tend to be the most dangerous when it comes to loss of life and property damage. So this month is the ideal time for property owners to place their calls to certified pest control operators in their respective service areas.

Once on the scene, CPCOs will look at all of the common nesting sites for signs of Africanized honey bee activity. Examples of locations that may be on a bee and wasp control expert’s list are chimneys, water meters, outbuildings, unused motor vehicles, dryer vents, drain spouts and garages. When an Africanized nest is found, the bee and wasp control experts will use caution as well as all of their expertise to remove the pests.

If the nest is too large for removal, it may be necessary for CPCOs to utilize chemical control methods in an effort to kill off the Africanized honey bee population. Once the bees are dead, the nest will be easy to remove in pieces. To discover more information on dealing with Africanized honey bee colonies, please contact our pest control company straightaway.

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