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A Mouse Control Poem

Twas two months after Christmas...and all through the house...not a creature was stirring...except for a mouse! He runs through the house with the greatest of care and eats all of the food in your home - that's no fair!

So what do you do with a mouse that's a louse? Do you drop cash on a cat or on a baseball bat? Or maybe you think, or exclaim "aww crap!" when you stop finding mice dead in your traps? Some people try for years to eliminate mice, but find out they're probably being too nice.

They find the best way to stop mice today is by calling professional pest control. They'll search through your home and find all their houses and they'll get on a roll chasing down mouses. And when they are done you'll happily see that your house is completely and fully mouse-free!

So stop leaving cheese out for mice who will eat it and then happily flee while leaving you mouse...presents. For such small creatures they're cunning and smart: they'll even escape from poison-tipped darts. And while they might not climb clocks or hang with Miss Hubbard, you're still liable to find them inside all your cupboards!

Make the right choice and call help today. Don't waste time or try to delay! You'll be happy you chose to take control of your life and eliminate all of your mouse-caused strife. Soon they'll be nothing but a thing of the past and you and your family can have a true gas!

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