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4 Signs of a Roach Infestation

Cockroaches are filthy pests that spread diseases and contaminate surfaces wherever they go. They invade everywhere from businesses to residences and can survive many over-the-counter products like sprays and bug bombs. They've thrived since the time of the dinosaurs and continue to be a nuisance to this very day. It pays to identify the pests right away to prevent an unhealthy infestation later.

4 Cockroach Signs to Look for in Your Home

1. You see the pests.

Roaches prefer to hide during the day or to stay in dark areas away from people. If you haven't seen them during the day, wait until nightfall. Walk into a bathroom, and turn on the lights. The sudden change from dark to light will send them running.

2. You can smell them.

Cockroaches emit a musty odor, but you might not smell them if there's no infestation. A large population produces a stronger odor, and it can get worse as the roaches die in their hiding spots. Air fresheners and candles may not be able to cover up the smell for long.

3. You find their eggs.

German cockroaches carry their eggs in a brown casing called an ootheca. When the eggs are ready to hatch, they deposit them in tight, hard-to-reach places. Other species leave their oothecae in places like pantries, under appliances and other out-of-the-way areas.

4. You see their feces.

Roaches leave behind feces as they crawl along surfaces and rest behind the walls. The feces will look different depending on the species of roach. Some feces may look like black pepper whereas others look like coffee grounds. It might be difficult to spot the feces if only a few roaches are present in your home. A large infestation, however, will leave enough feces behind to reveal their presence.

Professional Pest Control for Roaches

Once you've seen the signs, it's time to take action. Without professional roach control, these pests will breed continuously out of sight and take over every part of your home. Sorenson Pest Control technicians treat homes for cockroaches on a routine basis and will create a custom plan to eliminate an infestation anywhere on your property.

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