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3 Reasons to Worry about Ant Control

3 Reasons to Worry about Ant Control

Perhaps ants aren't high on your lists of problems. If that's the case, then we're glad you're here. This post will be an education for you. If you're already aware of the dangers that the ant population can pose, then the following post will leave you not only with your fears more firmly entrenched than ever, but also with a possible solution to help you move forward. 

3 Reasons to Worry about Ant Control:

Ants Can Bring about Property Damage

This is perhaps one of the primary reasons to consult a professional, since property damage can ruin your quality of life and significantly lower the value of your home. Carpenter ants are especially damaging, with their penchant for weakening wood structures when they nest in the walls.

Ants Can Cause Asthma and Allergies

Not only can ants weaken structures, but they can also have harmful effects on the people living or working in those structures. Tiny yellow pharaoh ants, who make their nests indoors, have been linked to asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. Although more research is needed to understand exactly how the process works, there's enough evidence to demonstrate that those who already suffer such complaints will worsen in the event of ant infestations. 

Ants Can Harm Ecosystems

According to the University of Tennessee, fire ants cause serious ecological harm, including the following:

  • Direct damage to crops
  • Indirect damage to crops (through removal of predators/parasites)
  • Damage to machinery
  • Direct and indirect effects on farm animals

Whether your primary concern is related to property damage, health, or ecology, be sure to consult a pest-control professional immediately about obtaining ant-control services. 

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