Bee & Wasp Control in Sutter County

The telltale buzz of a bee or wasp hive on your property can be unsettling, especially if you or a family member is allergic to their venom. Fortunately, Sorenson deals with all of California's troublesome wasp and bee species on a routine basis. Find out more about these insects to see if you require our pest control services.


Bees are ecologically important in their natural habitat, but they pose a stinging threat to humans and their pets when they build their hives in or around homes. Africanized honeybees are especially dangerous, and these invasive pests have already colonized much of California. While they look similar to native honeybees, Africanized honeybees are much more aggressive. They sting with very little provocation and attack anyone perceived as a threat in huge swarms. These swarms follow their targets much farther than regular honeybees and sting their victims hundreds of thousands of times.


Wasps are attracted to human food and will often build their nests near homes to access garbage and food scraps. Unlike honeybees, these insects can sting as many times as they want without dying. Varieties such as yellow jackets are notoriously hostile and will aggressively defend their nesting and foraging areas. Like bees, wasps inject their prey with venom using their stingers. This venom leads to painful swelling and redness around the affected area and triggers allergic reactions in many people.

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