Gridley Ant Control

Ant infestations can occur inside a building or outdoors. These infestations often lead to health problems for people who are bitten by ants, and some types of ants are able to cause damage to a building. Identifying different types of ants can help property owners determine if professional extermination services are urgently needed.

Ant Infestations

Three types of ants have the potential to pose a danger to humans: pavement ants, fire ants and thief ants. Pavement ants are common types of ants that tend to make nests in cracks found in pavement. These ants are black or brown and reproduce during warm months. The problem with pavement ants is that they are aggressive and multiply quickly.

Fire ants are a dark red color. These ants eat other insects and can have wings. Fire ants pose a threat to humans because they cause painful stings. Large infestations of fire ants can be detrimental to the health of humans because hundreds of ants could sting one person. Painful, red welts appear when a person is stung by fire ants.

Thief ants look for food and other resources in other types of ant nests. These ants are known to be attracted to grease, and restaurants or other establishments that have grease may have a problem controlling thief ant populations.

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