Chico Spider Control

There are many types of spiders in California, but the two most dangerous species are unquestionably the brown recluse and the western black widow. These spiders are the only venomous species in the state, and their bites can be extremely painful and dangerous. Learning more about California's venomous spiders is the best way to avoid the health problems caused by their bites.

Black Widows

Black widows are found in temperate regions throughout the world, including many areas of California. Their name comes from the fact that females often kill and eat their mates. Female black widows are significantly larger than males, and their venom is about three times as potent. The danger of black widow bites is due to a chemical called latrotoxin. Latrotoxin is a neurotoxin that leads to symptoms such as severe muscle pain, stomach cramps, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, and dizziness. In rare cases, black widow bites can also lead to shock, coma, and death.

Brown Recluses

Brown recluses are brown or dark grey spiders with distinctive violin patterns extending behind their heads. These spiders are typically not aggressive toward humans, but their tendency to live in shoes, clothing, and bedding often results in bites. Those bitten by brown recluses usually feel nothing at first, but the bite area becomes itchy and painful after a few hours. In many cases, brown recluse venom leads to necrosis and destroys soft tissue around the bite area.

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