Yuba City Roach Control

Roaches have inhabited the earth for millions of years, and they are extremely difficult to eradicate. Cockroaches have six legs, two antennae and are relatively flat. Although they come in a wide range of colors and sizes, in Yuba City and other parts of California, we mostly see the German cockroach, which is primarily brown. Some types of cockroaches are happy to live outside and will only enter your home if they can’t find food. However, the German cockroach has become adapted to life indoors.

Characteristics of Roaches

Cockroaches are primarily nocturnal, and they usually hide during the day. Typically, they forage for food when it is dark and will quickly scatter away when the lights are turned on. This can make it difficult to determine if you have an infestation in your home. Signs of a roach infestation include the presence of roach droppings, which look like small, dark flakes and can be found on countertops and on pantry shelves.

How to avoid Roaches in your Yuba City Home

To avoid an infestation, it is important to keep food covered and to avoid having excessive clutter around your home. Although roaches can enter even the cleanest home, they are less likely to stay if they can’t find food or hiding places. Because they can easily make themselves flat, roaches can enter your home through extremely small cracks and crevices.

Cockroaches can transmit a variety of harmful diseases, including hepatitis, typhus and dysentery. They are also known to cause allergies and asthma. At Sorensen Pest Control, we have extensive experience in controlling roaches and other harmful pests. To protect your home and family, it’s important to stop an infestation before it spreads. Call us for a free quote today. We have been services Yuba City and the surrounding area since 1982!