Oroville, CA Pest Control

In Oroville, the winters are mild and beyond bearable. The nearby mountains enhance the city's beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, despite all the positives about Oroville, many homeowners are uneasy. Business owners are on edge. The residents here are under attack whether they know it or not. Pests, including rats, are on the prowl. What they crave is in your property. Critters will go wherever they can find a reliable source of shelter, food and water. When they build their nests and reproduce, they are known for causing significant property damage. At Sorenson Pest Control, we counteract this big problem by providing top-notch services.

Residential Pest Control

Who wants to live with wild and destructive creatures? We think that no one should have to learn to tolerate pests. They don't belong in your living quarters, so the seasoned professionals at Sorenson Pest Control want to help. Integrated pest management consists of eco-friendly and proven methods. We use not only these methods but also our extensive experience to do high-quality work. From the kitchen and the pantry to the attic and the basement, we treat every room in our effort to eliminate infestations right.

Commercial Pest Control

No building in Oroville is immune to pest infestations. However, we have strategies that will make your business less vulnerable. We also have deterrents that will keep the intruders at bay. Since our exterminators are considerate and disciplined, they will fulfill your needs without distracting your clients or employees. The objective is to be helpful. Whether you are running an upscale restaurant or managing a large school, you can count on us to have a long-term solution for you. We continually train to improve our ability to find and exterminate critters.

Stay Safe and Protected

We enjoy addressing pest problems because we take pleasure in bringing relief to property owners. All our services are designed to meet the highest expectations. As a customer at Sorenson Pest Control, you will always be a priority so that we can allay your concerns as soon as possible. Time is of the essence since most pests have the tools to compromise furniture and structural elements. You will benefit from what we do:

Nothing can derail our mission. We are 100 percent committed to achieving your satisfaction. Establishing a relationship with you is equally important, so look no further. Call Sorenson Pest Control at your earliest convenience. You will receive a free quote and honest answers to your questions.